graphic & living design

Frama Atelier Installation

Client / Year
FRAMA Cph / 2013

Project planning, Concept developement, Invitation design, Print design, Exhibition design, Visual merchandising, Graphic design

The FRAMA team / Made while interning at FRAMA
Photos from the exhibition by photographer Jesper Lindströmm all rights belongs to him. Photos from the process by me, StefanMP.

FRAMA hosted an event/exhibition that showed off old and brand new products from their collection. I helped planning and setting up the exhibition and made various graphics for the event and exhibition.

2013_08_08_Frama_5674 kopi.jpg
2013_08_08_Frama_5657 kopi.jpg
2013_08_08_Frama_5660 kopi.jpg
2013_08_08_Frama_5665 kopi.jpg
2013_08_08_Frama_5659 kopi.jpg
2013_08_08_Frama_5658 kopi.jpg
2013_08_08_Frama_5662 kopi.jpg
2013_08_08_Frama_5663 kopi.jpg